Westminster Group

Since 2015, the SNP Westminster Group have been working hard to change things for the better, including:

Holding the UK Government to Account on Devolved Powers

When the Scotland Bill was going through Westminster it was the SNP that forced the UK Government to give Scotland more powers. It was SNP MPs and the Scottish Government that stopped the Tories from slashing Scotland’s budget by £7 billion. The SNP got a deal that makes sure Scotland will not lose billions of pounds in return for new powers.

Now, the SNP is leading the fight against the UK Government’s attempted power grab of devolved powers which should go to the Scottish Parliament when the UK leaves the EU. Instead, the UK Government proposes to keep them at Westminster for seven years, allowing them to impose powers on our farming and fishing communities against our wishes.


SNP MPs voted against the EU Withdrawal Bill in accordance with the expressed wishes of their constituents who voted to Remain in the EU. We are also trying to ensure that the UK Government negotiates the best Brexit deal possible which would include remaining in the Single Market and the Customs Union, allowing continued free movement of our people and goods, and thereby supporting our economy and ensuring our public services are sufficiently funded and staffed.

You can find out more about how Brexit will affect us by clicking here.

Opposing Tory Austerity

Conservative Austerity policies have always been opposed by SNP MPs. We have helped to stop the UK Government from cutting tax credits and disability benefits, and continue to fight against further cuts that are having a devastating effect on some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

You can find out more about the negative societal effects of these policies by clicking here.

Fighting to End the Rape Clause

SNP MP Alison Thewliss has been leading the fight against the Tory policy to limit Child Tax Credits to two children. This means women with three or more children would have to prove they have been raped to get additional Child Tax Credits.

Split Payments for Universal Credit

I have been leading a campaign calling on the UK Government to provide split payments as standard to couples in receipt of Universal Credit. Currently, recipients get the payment paid to one account per household, potentially exacerbating incidences of domestic abuse and financial coercion.

WASPI: Pension Justice for Women Born in the 1950s

SNP MPs have campaigned with Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) and brought the fight to the Westminster Parliament to pressure the UK Government to give women born in the 1950s the pensions they are due.

You can find out more about WASPI by clicking here.

Laws on Ending Violence Against Women

My colleague, Dr Eilidh Whiteford, became the first SNP MP to have a Private Members Bill pass at Westminster. The Bill forces the UK Government to do more to end domestic violence.

Leading the Opposition to the Bombing of Syria

The SNP were against the UK Government’s decision to bomb Syria in the last Parliament and have again spoken out against the most recent airstrikes. SNP MPs will keep pressing the UK Government to help bring about an internationally agreed and peaceful end to the conflict in Syria.

Fighting for Fairer Immigration

In 2017, Ian Blackford MP and Alex Salmond won the fight to allow the Brain family to continue living in Scotland. Many other SNP MPs have also had to fight for constituents who unfairly find themselves in a similar situation. My colleagues and I will continue to support a post-study work visa to help retain the skills and talent Scotland needs, and to have immigration policy devolved to the Scottish Parliament so it can be tailored to Scotland’s distinct immigration needs.

Fair Compensation for Veterans

During her term as an MP, Kirsten Oswald, alongside the Royal British Legion, forced the UK Government to make sure that military veterans get the same compensation for asbestos-related illness as civilians.

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