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  • Ukrainian Refugees, delays, 16 March 2022

Philippa: I thank my honourable friend for giving way. He’s praising that there has been movement. And I’m sure all of us who’ve been in this chamber repeatedly over statements and urgent questions (UQs) trying to get movement on getting people here.

But the problem is it’s been so slow that my constituent, who is trying to get her mother from Mariupol, missed the window of opportunity to get her here and has had no contact with her mother since almost a week. So there will be people trapped in Eastern Ukraine who have no chance of getting here because they didn’t set off because they didn’t have somewhere to go.

And therefore, this slowness will have had a direct impact on people’s outcomes and people who die in Eastern Ukraine.

Pete Wishart MP: I am grateful to my hon friend for raising that particular case. And she’s absolutely right. We’ve heard all week about cases such as this, the inaction, the slowness to respond initially has led to these real and profound difficulties from our constituents.

And she’s right to highlight that case.

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