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It’s been a busy time down at Westminster this Autumn. With the Brexit deadline of 31st October looming and Boris trying manoeuvre for a No-Deal, a lot of my time was spent preparing for and intervening in debates and meetings.

I did however, manage to make it along to a few important events.


Wear It Pink Event 4/9/19

The first, on 4th September, I hosted (and was wheeled around) the wonderful annual Wear it Pink event in Westminster, which is organised and sponsored by the secretariat of the APPG on Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Now.

Every year this has been proven extremely successful, getting as many MPs as possible along with the aim to raise awareness for Wear it Pink Day on 18th October. The event is always fun and a great laugh dressing up!

Wear it Pink is important to me  because I spent 33 years as a breast cancer surgeon before being elected to Westminster and it is something I want ts support for all of my patients over the years and their families, and all the support which provide such valuable support in their times of need. Since 2002, Breast Cancer Now have raised £33 million for crucial, life-saving breast cancer research, including prevention, treatment and early detection.

The campaign is also something I help promote as part of the project I have set up in association with Medical Aid for Palestinians, linking Scottish Breast Cancer Specialists with medical teams in Palestine to improve breast cancer services in Gaza & the West Bank. To coincide with this year’s Wear it Pink day on 18th October, the Daily Record wrote a piece about my work, which you can read here

If you’d like more information about Wear it Pink, you can find it here.


WASPI Parliamentary Drop-In 16/10/19

Having being in an evidence session for European Scrutiny Committee for several hours, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be make it to the WASPI event on 16/10; however, the issue is very important to me and to many of my constituents and, thankfully, I was able to hobble along.

I have always supported the campaigns of the women born in the 1950s who have had their State pension age increased by up to 6 years, many without notice, and I was delighted to attend the recent parliamentary drop-in at Westminster to meet more of the campaigners and reaffirm that I and my SNP colleagues will continue to pursue this issue until justice has been achieved.

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