Dr Whitford questions the Minister for Brexit in Parliament as shown in Parliament Live

Shocking response from Minister re contingency plans for Brexit

Shocking response from Minister re contingency plans for Brexit

Having asked several questions over the past few months regarding plans to ensure access to medical treatment, medicines, and supplies post-Brexit, I was given yet another vacuous response from – this time re the issue of medical radioisotopes.

My question was about contingency plans to ensure a smooth supply of medical radioisotopes, such as Technetium, when its precursor has a half-life of LESS THAN 3 DAYS. And, believe it or not, in response the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Exiting the EU suggested I Google to see what the French Government are doing.

This is an extremely important issue, which is also of concern to the President of the Royal College of Radiologists, but it has continually been ignored. It is of little relevance what the French Government is doing, my job is to find out what the UK Government is doing to prevent hospitals and patients facing radioisotope shortages; but, clearly, they have no answer.

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Two weeks later, the Minster apologised to me for his cheeky response but still couldn’t answer how the UK plans to maintain our supply of medical radioisotopes which CANNOT BE STOCKPILED!

You can see the apology and non-response here